Service Design

Food Pantry Permitting: Understanding and improving challenges through collaborative mapping, brainstorming and rapid prototyping.

Violet Bag: Physical prototyping to measure impact in trash reduction.

City of Austin: Breaking silos & changing behavior through mixed methods research, mapping, protoyping and rapid iteration.

Research Guiding residents through complex permitting processes with usability testing.

Office of Police Oversight: Promoting equity through usability testing with vulnerable populations. Using mixed method research to evaluate a new navigational structure.

Affordable Housing Tool (Data Portal, MVP Search): Improving the search for affordable housing throught heuristics and usability testing.

Program Design

USAA Enablement: Crossing Silos for better outcomes.

Research Operations: Scaling resesarch through understanding oragazaional needs and challenges and establishing a pogram to support those needs.

User Interface Design

Mozilla: Breaking down the complexity of a quality assurance testing tool through UX/UI Design.

Firefox: Improving developer tools through open source conrtibutions.